In Memoriam

We solemnly remember those members who are no longer with us. May they rest in peace.

Gerald Russin
Richard O'Brien*
Brian Timmerman
Richard White
Thomas J. Fagan
John G. Hastings *
Clifford L. Keen *
Joseph S. Mannion
Robert A. Ferraro
John C. Haug
Mark Manek Sr. *
George Sampson
Harvey Schukin
Dave Donovan
Sheldon Basis
Dominick Lirosi
Vincent G. Shreck
Harry J. Winchester
Daniel Guerrino
Russ Lane
Robert W. Dalzell Jr.
Robert Ferguson Sr.
Kenneth A. Sass
Jay G. Lang

* Ex-Chief

Women's Auxiliary

Joan Donovan
Mary Fagan
Marge O'Brien
Ruthann Mannion
Judy Lane
Marty Cina
Maureen Winchester

Mission Statement

The Gordons Corner Fire Company was established for the protection of life and property as well as the prevention and extinguishment of fires along with specializations in technical rescue for the residents of Fire District #1 in the Township of Manalapan, the County of Monmouth, in the State of New Jersey in these United States of America.